After seeing all the results of the polls in favor of Nayib Bukele a lot of tension has arisen on the part of the political parties and congressmen who are against Nayib and the current government.

From the obvious results, it appears that the opposition political parties have become desperate and are out of control altering information about facts pointing to Nayib Bukele.

Many of these opposition parties have been constantly mentioning that Nayib Bukele incites hatred by means of hate speech towards the opposite parties, obviously, this is not true.

There is a fine line between sending hatred messages and having freedom of speech and being able to protect yourself from lies, but it seems that the opposition political parties don’t understand this.

There has been a lot of news that the known newspapers have not covered for some reason. For example Rodolfo Parker has called followers of Nuevas Ideas “DOGS” , a term that is not considered positive andit directly promotes anger for his followers. Its quite obvious someone would flip out like this  have a sense of defeat, after a constant win due to posible corruption. It might be obvius but its not correct.  Another clear example that the newspapers do not want to cover is how the FMLN constantly verbally attacks Mrs. Chichilco who is working hand in hand with the First Lady of the Republic in education, insulting her, shouting at her in the middle of her speeches, pointing out and raising flags with words of “DEATH” and messages of envy and social resentment, something that in the end is directly a message of hate because within these speeches and attitudes there is absolutely nothing positive, on the contrary, they foment violence, envy and resentment.

Another act of hate against Nuevas Ideas was the vandalism on their banners, stained with terms of “BITCH” and other foul words that do not promote absolutely nothing of positivism but hate.

Another clear example is with Ernesto Muyshdont referring to Nuevas Ideas candidate Mario Duran as a “TRASH” candidate.

Clearly, we can see that the political parties that go against Nayib Bukele also send messages of hate through their speeches, through their interviews, through their banners using words like “bitch, death, dog garbage”. Truly this kind of action only promotes hate, discrimination, and resentment towards people, remember that they are leaders, which means they have followers. SO we ask what kind of example are they showing? directly their followers are influenced in the most negative way possible.

After all these evident actions, it seems that the political parties not only point fingers at Nayib Bukele but also trigger him so that he can later defend himself from these wrong accusations. There is a fine line between free speech and hate speech. Free speech encourages debate whereas hate speech incites violence. We live in a democracy in which we have all the right to defend ourselves from false accusations but no one has the right to point fingers to discriminate and above all promote resentment and hatred as the other political parties do.




The PDC deputy has 18 years within the Legislative Assembly. The patrimony, between him and his family, was $2,167,000 as of 2018.

by Cecilia Fuentes February 8, 2021In https://diarioelsalvador.coM

The wealth of the majority of deputies in El Salvador has increased drastically, such as that of Carlos Reyes, or in a few cases a slight increase in wealth is reflected, such as that of Donato Vaquerano [ARENA]. However, an atypical case is that of PDC deputy Rodolfo Antonio Parker Soto, who exaggeratedly decreased his patrimony, but his family doubled it to more than $2 million.

Parker Soto has 18 years in the Legislative Assembly serving as deputy owner for San Salvador and will seek reelection on February 28th. Parker reflected in 2009 that his wealth was $339,122.57, but five periods later, by 2018, his wealth decreased [curiously among deputies] by $285,519.99, as stated in the sworn statements of wealth delivered by the legislator to the Probity Section of the Supreme Court of Justice.

Until 2018, Parker Soto declared that his patrimony was only $113,602 that is, he lost 72% of his wealth since he started legislating in the blue palace.

Only at the close of his third term, that is, at the end of 2012, Parker registered an increase of $21,294.57; by the inauguration of the same year and declared that his patrimony was $361,417.14 and the following years it was decreasing.

Parker’s situation is not the same for his wife and his three children, since the family’s justified patrimony increased each period while his own decreased.  In 2009 Parker’s family reported $835,000 as liquid patrimony and this went in three years [at the end of 2012] to $2,343,810, that is to say that a single period of Congressman Parker, his family’s patrimony increased $1,508,810.84, which is equivalent to 200% more.

By 2015 the family wealth amounted to $2,429,080 and up to 2018 it remained at $2,359,182. For this same period the Parker fortune is $2,472,784.50.


“Diario El Salvador” consulted the legislator about the data reflected in the sworn declarations of patrimony before Probity.

Parker explained that “the income comes from service companies, individual work and inheritance of family property in a foreign country in the case of my wife. In my particular case, there was a decrease due to the sale of real estate, the proceeds of which were paid for the acquisition of other family assets”, he explained.

“Detailed information has been submitted to Probity at every opportunity of termination and beginning of public functions,” said the PDC legislator.

Parker has repeatedly told other media that the family fortune is due to a law firm he has owned since 1985.

The increase in Parker’s family wealth made him part of those investigated by Probity in 2017 for alleged illicit enrichment. However, almost four years have passed and there is no progress in the process.

The income comes from service companies, individual work and inheritance of family assets in a foreign country in the case of my wife. In my particular case, there was a decrease from the sale of real estate…

Rodolfo Parker

When the legislator was asked about what he thinks about a Salvadoran increasing his patrimony by holding a public office, he said that “Having income as a legitimate fruit of human effort is licit regardless of being a public official or not. What is illicit is to enrich oneself as a public official”.

Parker affirmed that “in our case it is the former, that is to say, legitimate income”.

Parker, according to his professional trajectory included in the Assembly’s website, appears that he was Founding Director of the extinct Banco UNO, was a member of the editorial board and columnist of El Diario de Hoy, and Treasurer Director of the Foundation for Peace (Fundapaz).


The atypical decrease of Parker’s patrimony is even reflected in the loss of assets. At the beginning of his functions he had $355,000 in real estate, these were decreasing considerably until reaching $100,000 for the cessation of the term of deputy in 2018.

Accordingly, those of his family increased each term. Assets increased significantly between 2009 and 2012.  At the beginning of the legislation of that period Parker reported that the family assets equaled $650,000.00 and by the end of the term they had increased to $1,722,000.00. At the end of 2015, the family had $2,082,000.00 in real estate and remained so until the end of 2018 where they reported $2,067,000.00.



Parker made it evident that he is using the same discourse as ARENA, since a few months ago, Claudia de Ávila, candidate for congresswoman for that party, called the citizens who defend the President of the nation “dogs”.

Facing the elections of 2021 and in view of the results of all the polls, the traditional parties have fallen into desperation and even insults from those they consider their adversaries.



by Redaccion 11/19/2020 in Politics https://diariolahuella.com/

Rodolfo Parker: “The PDC is a humanist party and promotes integral solutions”.

The deputy of the Christian Democratic Party (PDC), Rodolfo Parker, called the militancy of the New Ideas party “dogs” during Thursday’s plenary session.

“Dogs keep on barking. You recycled ones, of New Ideas only have the name, what you have in excess are thieves”, expressed in an arrogant manner Rodolfo Parker.

Apart from the insults, the PDC parliamentarian during the last months together with the ARENA and FMLN parties have systematically blocked funds to the Government for the attention of the pandemic.

This morning, in a press conference, Rodolfo Parker reiterated his opposition to ratify the $300 million financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for the Government to attend the pandemic.



By RedaccionESANoticias -25 January, 20210255


Neto Muyshondt calls Mario Durán a “garbage candidate” because he is winning in the polls, due to the embezzlement of funds from the mayor’s office that does not allow making payments to workers who collect garbage.

Neto Muyshondt has insisted that the garbage problem is generated by Mario Durán, but the reality is different. Neto Muyshondt has not paid his mayoral collaborators for spending money on campaigning.

Because Mario Durán is now ahead in voting intentions, Neto Muyshondt reacts in an immature way calling him a “garbage” candidate and that he will soon leave him in a garbage dump because that is where he belongs.

Undoubtedly Neto Muyshondt is losing all his temper and is looking more and more childish and unprofessional, so it is expected that he will lose in the next elections, more with the accumulated problems, which should be paid with jail.