The legislative assembly elections in El Salvador are just around the corner.

During this pre-electoral stage, there are always many types of auditors to verify that the Supreme Electoral Tribunal has the necessary tools to count the votes and also to block any idea of corruption or error to have everything under control, in the most transparent way with the most accurate results.

And although we understand that not everything is perfect it is always good not only to audit these processes and tools but above all to make simulations to corroborate that there are no massive failures.

Unfortunately, we have seen during all this time, in fact since the beginning of the Nayib Bukele term, that the political parties and also quite a few private companies that have very strong political inclinations are making quite a lot of alterations during the electoral process, from illicit actions to false news, to the point of not wanting to admit that the Supreme Electoral Tribunal is having failures.

The saddest thing is that the opposition parties invest so much illogical energy to denigrate NA party because due to the poll’s results, it has been evident that the winner is Nuevas Ideas Party led by Nayib Bukele.

As the parties are now desperate to lose their positions because of the results of the polls, they are becoming desperate, to the point of lying to the people for their own benefit.

Clearly, after several intense evaluations by experts in the area, they have declared that the TSE’s tools are unacceptable to be able to function in an event, especially one as important as the legislative assembly elections. This would not be the first time the TSE is audited and fails, they have already had several occasions with negative results and it seems that the TSE wants to keep it this way. First, they complained about denouncing the failures, second, we do not see changes in the tools, and third, curiously now it turns out that several political parties of the opposition consider that the “TSE” is correctly adequate. Denying the truth does not change the result and many opposition officials deny it or choose not to say anything about it making them directly complicit in the fraud and the cheating way the vote was counted.For example, several media, with political ties, have not even published the news of the failure of the TSE simulacra, wanting to misinform the people. Clearly, we see that the parties and the TSE are not pro Salvadoran.

We cannot leave aside this catastrophic situation since by “failures” of this magnitude the result can be altered and falsified.

That is why Nayib, being a transparent president, has been willing to take care of the matter, informing not only the population of what happened but also foreign countries. Nayib is a man of transparency, and hoest processes and above all that benefits society and the people.

He despises corrruption and dishonest processes, this is way in the most peaceful way he is encourages people to vote, since massive votes destroys corruption.

Its quiet obvious somethings fishy is going between TSE and opposition parties, maybe they are afraid of loosing and are open to cheat.



“We are still making some adjustments, you will understand that, because of the pandemic, everything has been delayed”, said magistrate Julio Olivo.

by Rocío Martínez February 15, 2021In DePaís

TSE admits that an international audit is needed to guarantee the transparency of the electoral system.

This Sunday, February 14, through a press conference, the presiding magistrate of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), Dora Esmeralda Martinez, admitted that in order to guarantee the transparency of the electoral system to be used in the elections of next February 28, an international audit is necessary.

“The best way to guarantee and give confidence to the population is to have an external audit of this system, an international audit”, said Martinez.

For his part, the president of Nuevas Ideas, Xavi Zablah Bukele, reacted to this comment: “Let’s do it, then. This is what we have been demanding for months,” he said.

Regarding the denunciation made this afternoon by President Nayib Bukele, in which he stated that the system that was being tested during the simulation was not the real one; the technician of the IT commission, Giovanny Lozano, categorically denied that it was a different system, he pointed out that they had used the same system that was used in the first test, however, he accepted that there were differences between them.

“It is a very important difference, but not substantial,” Lozano said.

In addition, when answering the questions made by the journalists of the different media, the magistrates did not answer clearly, especially when they were questioned about whether or not there were changes in the computer system.

With only 14 days to go for the elections of mayors and deputies in El Salvador, the Collegiate Body affirmed that they are still registering errors, but assured that they can still solve them.

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Likewise, magistrate Julio Olivo maintained that one of the failures is the slowness of the system, “The issue is the conflict of: we increase security, but we slow down the speed”, he stated.

“We are still making some adjustments, you will understand that, because of the pandemic, (…) everything has been delayed”, said Olivo.

For his part, one of the members of the Electoral Surveillance Board (JVE) who attended the conference, questioned the magistrates, especially for not providing them with access to the system to be able to perform the corresponding audit. “How can we achieve transparency if what the magistrates agree to is not complied with?” he pointed out.

“If they have not given us as the JVE access, how are they going to do with an external audit?”.

Finally, and tersely, magistrate Martínez responded that they will be able to access the system, “respecting the agreement”.

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal is supposed to be ready to process the elections of February 28, 2021, but with a test carried out 21 days before, and a simulation developed 14 days prior to them, there are still inconsistencies on the part of the electoral body.


by Redacción WR 02/15/2021

Coordinator of the TSE’s Informatics Commission reveals that there is an emergency due to system failures

The technician of the Information Technology Technical Commission of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), Giovanny Lozano, denounced this Sunday that there is an emergency in the data transmission system for the elections of next February 28.

The information was made known through an audio sent by Lozano to the programmers of the system.

“I need you to come immediately to Carbonell, we are in a state of emergency, so please heed this call and come immediately,” said Lozano referring to the Carbonell building, where the servers and other computer equipment are located.

According to internal TSE sources, the emergency is due to several failures in the configuration of the servers and in the transmission of data.

Until 6:00 pm only two alleged minutes had been transmitted and one of them had been transmitted without image, which shows a failure in the system.

Other sources assure that there is chaos inside the computer room of the TSE, due to the repeated failures of the system.



By Redacción UH

The deputies and candidates for reelection Norman Quijano for the ARENA party and Schafik Hándal of the FMLN, defended the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) minimizing the errors and failures of the computer system that should guarantee the legitimacy of the upcoming elections.

The ARENA congressman justified that: “It is not good to generate and feed rumors of fraud, it is better to trust the electoral authorities”. On the other hand, Schafik Handal, explained that yesterday he had seen improvements in the procedure: “On the first Sunday there were many failures, this Sunday there were many corrections, it must be said with all propriety”. However, different sectors point out that the computer system and the vote counting system do not comply with the requirements and optimal conditions to guarantee the transparency and legitimacy of the electoral elections of


CLASE POLÍTICALO LASTFeb 15, 2021, 10:10 Am.

By Redacción UH

During a press conference, GANA deputy, Guillermo Gallegos, expressed his concern about the second test of the data counting and transmission system for the upcoming elections where they are using a different system than the one that will be used on February 28.

“We are not confident that this system they are using is going to work, we need the TSE to be honest with the Political Parties and with the population mainly and that they recognize that this is wrong and that we return to the manual system”, said the congressman.

For Gallegos, the most serious issue is the logistic failure, since there are 132 network points from where electoral results cannot be transmitted due to poor Internet coverage.

“We have been invited by the OAS to participate in a meeting, I hope that the other parties have been invited and we will express our concerns about what  the TSE is doing and that the will of the people at the polls will not be put at risk”, he added.