During the entire pre-electoral period and since Nayib Bukele came to power the perspective of Salvadorans on how to lead El Salvador has changed dramatically.

Once Bukele came to power the processes for new projects that contribute to the development of El Salvador have been transparent, notorious, and authentic. Each project and each promise that our president has proposed has been developed gradually until obtaining good results that contribute positively to Salvadoran society and the entire nation.

Little by little all Salvadorans have realized through evident facts that Nayib Bukele has been able to heal the wounds of the past of our nation taking us out of the political-economic educational social darkness in which the country was. Agricultural, economic, educational, and other developments have been flourishing and have been growing in a positive way to the point that Salvadorans have finally felt grateful, comfortable, and protected by the result of them.

It is obvious that the ideas of Nayib Bukele have benefited Salvadorans so much that little by little society has taken off the blindfold and has been able to understand that in the past we lived in a society of corruption, insecurity, inequality, and poverty. All this has given a complete change by implementing different and new ideas.

One of the main projects developed known as the Territorial Control plan has managed to reduce crime to more than 60%. Likewise, projects that have been providing a better quality of economic life and health (within a pandemic) to the Salvadorans, building better hospital spaces (Hospital del Salvador), helping them economically by sending solidarity baskets giving outhouses to the needed one, reinforcing, creating economic stability by opening trade projects investing in ports and among other cultural, social, educational and environmental projects.

All these programs have been able to develop successfully to the point of being so evident that people have realized that once corruption is completely blocked within the country all projects can be completed successfully directly benefiting society and the improvement of a country.

Now Salvadorans have changed their mentality by making better decisions regarding who will lead the country. We are no longer taking decisions based on promises without facts, neither are we satisfied with political parties that only invest their energy attacking their opponents. That kind of mentality is left behind and now Salvadorans understand that El Salvador may move forward only if we evade corruption and irregular processes.

That is why the polls are still in favor of Nayib Bukele and against the political parties and the members of the legislative assembly.

Now is when Salvadorans have realized the real colors of the deputies and congressmen who are in the assembly understanding that the only thing they want is to Benefit themselves monetarily leaving and forgetting the people’s and country´s democracy.

That is why the results of the last survey conducted by the National University of El Salvador reflects that Salvadorans are against the people who are in the legislative assembly giving the opportunity to create a clean assembly with new members to finally have a new El Salvador led in the best way by President Nayib Bukele.




Last Tuesday, deputies of the Legislative Assembly, promoted a proposal to remove the president of the republic, Nayib Bukele, from his functions.

by Rocío Martínez February 11, 2021https://diarioelsalvador.com/  

President Bukele gathers diplomatic corps and denounces coup attempt by the Legislative Assembly.

This Thursday afternoon, the President of the Republic of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, met with representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in the country to discuss the events that have occurred in recent days, addressing mainly the coup attempt that deputies of the Legislative Assembly are promoting.

“On Tuesday there was an attempted coup d’état to the Government, that article was never legislated. Obviously they tried to use an article to use political disagreements”, said the president.

Bukele pointed out that the coup attempt has not been planned since Tuesday, but since a long time ago, however, the deputies are promoting it within the framework of the next municipal and legislative elections.

Likewise, the President stated that on Monday, former President Mauricio Funes, who is being sought for the theft of $350 million, further encouraged the idea of a coup d’état.

“Subsequently, former president Funes was seconded by deputies Velázquez Parker and Chato Vargas. This document had the signatures of five FMLN deputies,” Bukele stressed.

According to President Nayib Bukele, the recent actions of the deputies are due to an act of desperation, where they believe they are in danger of losing their positions.

Last Tuesday, February 9, during the ordinary plenary session, ARENA deputy Ricardo Velásquez Parker promoted a proposal to apply article 131, ordinal 20, of the Constitution and remove the president of the republic, Nayib Bukele, from his functions.

“After listening to all his speeches […] I want to request a modification of the agenda to introduce a piece of correspondence addressed to the board of directors [of the Assembly], with the consent of the legislative plenary to invoke the application of article 131, ordinal 20, of our Constitution”, expressed Velásquez Párker.

For his part, Jorge Schafik Hándal, of the FMLN faction, asked to introduce as a piece of correspondence a proposal sent by a group of civil society organizations that protested in front of the Assembly and requested that this State body “resume the investigations and proceedings to carry out a preliminary impeachment of the president of the republic for his removal from office”.

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The president of the Assembly, Mario Ponce, asked the deputies to vote for the modification of the agenda of the plenary, and with 47 votes, the ARENA and FMLN proposals were approved; subsequently, he announced that both would be studied by the political commission.

Article 131, ordinal 20 of the Constitution of the Republic of El Salvador, establishes that it corresponds to the Legislative Assembly to declare, with no less than two thirds of votes of the elected legislators, the physical or mental incapacity of the president, for the exercise of his office, prior to a unanimous opinion of a commission of five doctors appointed by the plenary.

“They tried to use an article that is foreseen for a mental incapacity, someone who has a mental incapacity is someone who has a clinically documented case of schizophrenia or someone who cannot even brush his teeth”, said the Salvadoran president.

The president said that in El Salvador there had never been a president who had 90% of the Legislative Assembly against him, and that the actions carried out show that they want total power, since they have promoted a coup d’état only 19 days before the elections.

“The deputies say that democratic institutionality is in danger because the President will have many deputies in his favor. Democratic institutionality is not in danger, their privileges are in danger.”

President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele

Nayib Bukele asserted that the same deputies who lived through the war want to disrespect the democratic institutionality, since they are trying to remove the president chosen by the Salvadoran people.

Before President Bukele’s speech, the Mexican Ambassador Ricardo Cantú Garza, expressed his position and said that for the Mexican Government it is very important to have a more complete vision of what happened, and that they plan to continue working in the best way with the Government of El Salvador.

For his part, the French ambassador, François Bonet, said that since his arrival to the Salvadoran territory, he knew of the democratic institutionality that existed, “it is very important that it continues to be respected,” he said. He also said that he is at the disposal of the Salvadoran government to support it.

In addition, the British ambassador said that they are attentive to support El Salvador in the development of the elections on February 28. Likewise, the Chilean ambassador, José Renato Sepúlveda Nebel, also expressed his willingness to support, observe and help the country to continue being a democratic nation.

During the meeting, the President of El Salvador also denied that he had requested a meeting with the President of the United States, Joe Biden, which was supposedly denied. The fact was exposed by The Associated Press.



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The President, Nayib Bukele held a meeting with the Diplomatic Corps accredited in the country. The meeting served for the ambassadors to learn about the current political situation the country is going through.

“On Tuesday, the Assembly tried to carry out a coup d’état; in other countries they only call it destitution of the president, I call it a coup d’état, because these articles are trying to use them to solve political disagreements”, informed the President, Nayib Bukele.

“Even the day before, the former president of the Republic (Mauricio Funes), who is being sought for the theft of $350 million dollars, promoted this coup attempt,” he added.

The reference made by Nayib Bukele was to the action of the ARENA party deputy, Velasquez Parker, who materialized the action promoted days ago by the fugitive Mauricio Funes, currently in asylum in Nicaragua.

Within the framework of the Plenary Ordinary Session of February 9, it was taken advantage of by the ARENA congressman, Ricardo Velásquez Parker, who presented an initiative to apply Art. 131 ordinal 20 of the Constitution to declare the president mentally incapacitated.




By Redacción UH https://ultimahora.sv/

The President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, received this Thursday at the Presidential House the different ambassadors of the world in El Salvador, who offered their support to the President in the face of an attempted parliamentary coup d’état.

“The Legislative Assembly is trying to remove the democratically elected President. The opposition is going back to those times of war, we are not”, assured the Head of State before the diplomats.

The Diplomatic Corps, not only gave their support to the Salvadoran President, but also thanked the explanations given to them about the situation of the country and reiterated their commitment to strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation.