The sad reality is that the society once went through painful situations, situations that even stripped our families of their parents or main members, and left hundreds or thousands of children who are now adults in abandonment; but the wounds are still there, and how can we not remember the sad episodes of the armed conflict that decomposed our social fabric, that weakened our families, and with it came migration, mainly to the United States, a country that over time became our main strategic partner and for which we have come to boast excellent diplomatic relations.

But we must learn but most importantly understand that nothing in life is free and if we resort to popular wisdom in these leagues “there is no free dinner”. This is why we must make a retrospective analysis to see where we come from and where we are going… And we realize that there is a paradox. While it is true that the American people, on the one hand, have always supported us, on the other hand, they have limited our possibilities for development. It seems that there is an intention to prevent us from growing as a country and to keep us subjugated, that is to say, to not allow us to act with full independence.

The events exposed to the public light open our eyes or, better said, remove the blindfolds; the political class sold a supposed ideological position of antagonism between the main political parties ARENA and FMLN, but, in reality, they played with the interests and aspirations of a whole people and now it is known for sure where they put and removed governors for decades. And it is because of what is known about the actions of political operators, “false leaders of the diaspora” who enjoy the accompaniment of shady characters with diplomatic credentials, who once again resort to or seek to tip the balance to one side or the other.

Such is the case of the information leaked by President Bukele, who made strong accusations against Mrs. Jean Elizabeth Manes, former Chargé d’Affaires of the U.S. Embassy, who sought to disrupt our judicial system through requests.

I will not make or expose the details of such information, as they seem harmful and offensive to the intelligence of our people, however, the important thing is that it is exposed that “the lie has short legs and is always overtaken by the truth”. Now we are aware of the true motivations and the management of a political communication that tends to delegitimize a democratically elected government and to support groups that for decades played with the dignity of our people.

There is a biblical text that refers to the fact that between heaven and earth there is nothing hidden, without this coming to light. This is the time for the illumination of the truth, that is, to move forward as a country and rebuild our social fabric we need to come clean and heal our wounds of the past. It is also necessary to do so based on the truth, and with this we promote the construction of social, political, economic and cultural conditions in an integral manner to improve the life model of our Salvadoran brothers and sisters.

The agreement signed in 1992 by the ARENA government of Alfredo Cristiani and the general command of the FMLN, under the auspices of the United Nations, meant the end of military hostilities (although for months and even years there were incidents and groups reluctant to surrender their weapons) and the beginning of symbiosis between the two political groups.

The Peace Accords did not bring to the country the structural changes for which the guerrillas had said they had taken up arms, because the economic and social injustices remained intact, so much so that the text of the agreement itself recognizes this. And neither did the ARENA governments do anything to change.

At that time, the most important thing for both groups was to guarantee impunity for the crimes committed during the armed conflict, which ranged from the murder of entire communities by the Army and also by the guerrillas, the selective assassination of intellectuals – such as the case of the poet Roque Dalton, killed and disappeared by his own comrades-in-arms of the ERP, group that later joined the leadership of the Christian Democracy with the consent of Rodolfo Párker, the cover-up of the massacre of the Jesuit Fathers, a crime against humanity that has recently been reopened-, the attacks against the population by blowing up bridges and bombings to the mass machine-gunning of cattle and other farm animals to leave the civilian population without income or food.

In fact, what was embodied in the document was the legalization of the FMLN as a political party, despite the fact that the Constitution of the Republic openly prohibits the existence of armed political parties, and an amnesty was declared for all war crimes. The latter was an essential part of the agreement, a way to obviate all the affronts committed by both sides against the citizens. It was said that without this “clean slate” it would not be possible to build a harmonious society.

But not only is this not true, but it also unleashed gang violence, which multiplied the number of deaths during the armed conflict. And there again, both organizations decided to make a pact with the criminals instead of fighting them, giving rise to truces and negotiations in exchange for votes for elections.

The men and women who participated in the conflict, on either side, were not treated with the respect they deserved.

Armed Forces veterans and former guerrilla combatants have had to wait until the arrival of President Nayib Bukele’s government to start receiving the benefits promised 30 years ago.



The president of the Legislative Assembly, Ernesto Castro, confirmed that this state organ will not commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the signing of the Peace Accords.

by René Gómez

January 11, 2022

“Peace Accords were an amnesty pact between ARENA and FMLN”: Congressman Ernesto Castro

In the opinion of Ernesto Castro, president of the Legislative Assembly, the signing of the Peace Accords in 1992, rather than bringing peace to the population, what resulted was an amnesty pact for ARENA and the FMLN.

“The Peace Accords granted an amnesty pact. ARENA and FMLN forgave each other their sins and were left in peace, that is what they agreed. You cannot commemorate something like that,” he said.

President Castro pointed out that the Legislative Assembly will not make an allusive act to the date of January 16, it will only be addressed in the 37th plenary session, which will be held this day.

ARENA and FMLN will be cancelled by the population.

Another point addressed by the president of the Legislative Assembly, Ernesto Castro, was about the rumors of a possible cancellation of the ARENA and FMLN parties.

Castro mentioned that within the agenda of the Legislative Assembly there are no plans to promote the cancellation of both political institutions.

“They can sleep peacefully. The Legislative Assembly is not going to cancel them, it will be the population in the elections who will decide, and who will cancel them”, he pointed out.

Jesuits Case

The third aspect that Ernesto Castro analyzed in the interview was the position taken by the Central American University (UCA) on the decision of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice to reopen the case of the massacre of 6 Jesuit priests and two of their collaborators.

Castro regretted that the position of the UCA seemed to go against the sentence of the Chamber, despite the fact that they were all priests of the Society of Jesus.

“The UCA said in a communiqué that the Chamber should have informed it about the decision to reopen the case. Should the Chamber have reported on what it decided?

Congressman Ernesto Castro mentioned that by 2022 the Legislative Assembly will be working on a new pension savings fund system.

He mentioned that it is one of the requests that the Salvadoran population has expressed, the payment of fair pensions in accordance with the Salvadoran reality.


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Ernesto Castro assures that ARENA and FMLN have entered into a state of “paranoia” in view of a possible cancellation of the elections

The president of the Legislative Assembly, Ernesto Castro, affirmed today that ARENA and the FMLN have entered a state of “paranoia”, regarding the cancellation of said political instruments.

“This small group of people has not yet managed to understand what is happening, they have already entered into a kind of paranoia (cancellation of ARENA and the FMLN) and they react,” said the legislator.

He also detailed that both the FMLN and the ARENA party are no longer an option for Salvadorans, as was demonstrated in the last elections.

“The FMLN, in the last election, practically disappeared and ARENA is a shell, a ship that has already sunk. They do not want to understand and accept their failures and are disappearing”, said Representative Castro.

The deputy of Bancada Cyan also highlighted that the two traditional parties are practically annihilated, therefore they are working together against the government of President Nayib Bukele.

“They are working together. When ARENA votes the FMLN votes because they are the same. They should not say that we want to cancel them, they are already cancelled, they just need to realize it”, he reiterated.


Jan 11, 2022, 13:10 pm

By Redacción UH

ARENA and FMLN were for decades the main political forces in El Salvador, having their beginnings in El Salvador’s civil war, the leftist party started out as an armed group that “fought” against El Salvador’s oligarchy, while ARENA as a counterpart was founded as an extreme right-wing party that protected the interests of Salvadoran businessmen.

Pin on People and Animals to Remember

Despite the fact that for 30 years they divided power and swore to be sworn enemies, together they forgave each other for crimes against humanity and war crimes committed against innocent Salvadorans who did not play a leading role in the civil war, leaving terrible massacres such as the one in El Mozote and the UCA.

With the coming to power of the current government, both ARENA and the FMLN were pushed aside, losing the support of the people, however, before releasing their power in the legislature, they united again to create an amnesty law, which would prevent them from being judged for their war crimes -which legally cannot be pardoned, nor forgotten-, just by asking for forgiveness.

Reference note: Amnesty law reduces 75% of the penalty for war crimes by simply asking for forgiveness.

The amnesty law allowed presidents, officials and historical members of ARENA and FMLN to avoid having to answer for their crimes, leaving aside the families of the victims, who have spent decades waiting for justice.

El Salvador marked one of its darkest historical moments with the civil war, yet the FMLN, a party that emerged to “protect” Salvadorans, dedicated itself in the post-war period to lining the pockets of its leaders and militants, some of whom are serving prison sentences.

On the other hand, the two former presidents who came to power under the banner of the FMLN, are in Nicaragua fleeing from justice, receiving help from the regime of Daniel Ortega, leftist dictator of the Central American country.

The FMLN began its political journey in poverty, however, over the years, its leaders have managed to position themselves as some of the most wealthy people in the country, some of them, without being able to demonstrate the legality of their increased wealth.

Reference note: #EspecialUH: The fall of the cardboard houses

On the other hand, who was commander of the FMLN during the civil war, Salvador Sánchez Cerén, also former president of the Republic with the leftist party, has been accused of diverting millions from the state coffers, being considered one of the worst presidents in the history of the country.


Mar 06, 2020, 20:29 pm

By Redacción UH

Congressman Juan José Martel, lashed out against the recently approved Amnesty Law, because it allows to reduce to a quarter the prison sentence for crimes against humanity, committed in the past conflict by high military and guerrilla chiefs, just by asking for forgiveness, even if the victim or his relatives do not grant it.

“With this impunity law, what they want is to send to the archive the crimes against humanity that do not prescribe and that it is enough for the victimizer to say sorry, I am sorry” for the sentence to be reduced by 75%”, said the parliamentarian in a recent interview.

Martel added that there is no justice, nor reparation for the damages caused by the murderers to their victims or their relatives, which is why she was rightly vetoed by the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele.}


Dec 20, 2021, 12:42 pm

By Redacción UH

The FMLN continues to receive heavy blows that worsen its political crisis, the same that is causing the end of the party that in its beginnings was leftist and “revolutionary”, which in its last attempts to survive, accepted money from the United States, after years in which it criticized “imperialism”.

The FMLN maintained a historic “struggle” against the “Yankee empire” and the right wing in general, however, now it is seen together in the streets with ARENA, its political enemy of yesteryear, and accepting money sent by the United States to try to destabilize the current government.

The FMLN leaders maintain an internal struggle, between those who denounce the negotiations with imperialism, and those who accept to be financed, while the rest are fleeing from justice or in prison for having committed crimes related to corruption during the time they governed the country.

Lorena Peña attacking Jorge Schafik for having revealed the mechanism by which the United States financed his anti-government marches.

The most important figures of the Salvadoran left are the main culprits of the fall of the FMLN, the two presidents who came to power under the “revolutionary” banner are on the run from justice in Nicaragua, abandoning their nationality to avoid paying their debts to the country.

Reference note: Funes and Sánchez Cerén, the two ex-presidents of the FMLN refugees in Nicaragua

The former president of the Legislative Assembly with the FMLN, Sigfrido Reyes, is also on the list of its historical leaders fugitives from justice, hiding in Mexico, he remains a staunch opponent of the current administration.

On the other hand, other historical names of the FMLN are already in prison, among them are: Former Minister of Health, Violeta Menjívar; former Vice Minister of Science and Technology, Erlinda Hándal; former Minister of Security and former Director of the PNC, Mauricio Ramírez Landaverde; former Vice Minister of Agriculture, Hugo Flores; former Deputy Calixto Mejía; and former Minister of Finance, Carlos Cáceres.

Reference note: Former FMLN officials accused of corruption will remain in prison during their trial.

On the other hand, the former president of the FMLN, Mauricio Funes, accused of having diverted millions of dollars from the State, remains one of the main opponents of the current government, attacking from Nicaragua, where he receives economic support from the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega.